Meet our glorious geckos NFTs!

In the minds of our creators and devs we found out a great part of what PixelArt means. Without taking advantage of this, we as a young team but not inexperienced one decided to give us a chance to show all the communities our most warm welcome to join us and enjoy every single piece of Art that we have created for you. And so even we want to tell you the story of this encourage project of 444 NFTs.

How to become glorious

Everybody knows the story of Geckos when they arrived to the Galaxy and became 3D, but not everyone knows how were they when it all started. When the life of this community started and the years began to count (about 3 million years ago) this little group of Glorious Geckos were living a Pixel life in all its matters. Pixel houses, pixel thinks and things, everything was pixel, there was no space for any difference between each other composition, the only part that matters were who got the best faction in, the most glorious Gecko that can represent and face its faction in all the battles and missions that were assigned to each team. In order to become the most glorious Gecko each one by itself together with his teammates needed to face many challenges, defeat evil bosses and take riches tributes to the ancient gecko called "The Legendary One". Only him could decide who really deserved to be the next gloriously Gecko and be remembered as a leader of his strong faction. The prizes? Well, the prizes were exactly what they really ever wanted, to become father and choose a divine life as a faction leader. This process was not so easy at all, each faction has its own issues to face and of course its own DNA differences. In first instance we had the living faction geckos called "Pure Geckos" in second instance we had the evil ones called "Helling Geckos" in third instance we had the death ones called "Z-Geckos" in fourth instance we had the multiverse ones called "Alien Geckos". Of course, we got hybrids, hybrids got powers from different factions staying together and founding the last resistance of their crew called "Insane Hybrids". In this multi verse each faction needs to join forces and determinate which team will be last one standing. Please enjoy our super natura




What is Glorious Geckos?

It is a pixel art project made up of 444 NFTs.

What are Glorious Geckos?

It's a strong community backed by holders and diamond hands that join forces against the PH and flippers!

Why mint Glorious Geckos?

Due to our low supply and mint cost and a extremely strong DAO, we will make everyone wish to have at least one on their wallets! Also, aren't they cute?